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Home Loan Real Estate Cost to Purchase Calculator - Finance Calculators

The Home Loan Real Estate Cost to Purchase Calculator (Estimator) will assist you and your clients estimate how much funds (savings) they will require to settle on a property purchase in Australia.

The figures obtained from the real estate cost to purchase calculator are only an indication as there are a number of factors that will affect your clients final outcome.

The Real Estate Purchasing Cost to Purchase Calculator takes into account the following information:

  1. Stamp Duty Costs, this will include: Stamp Duty, Stamp Duty on the Mortgage and Transfer of Land fees. It is important to choose the right parameters from the drop down boxes as each state or territory has different rates when it comes to stamp duty. Also note that there are additional concessions for First Home Buyers from the State that your client purchased the property, and further advice should be sought from your clients solicitor or conveyansor.
  2. Lenders Mortgage Insurance Costs. LMI is generally payable if the loan is above 80% and below 95% for PAYG applicant, or between 60 to 80% for Self-employed applicants. It should be noted that there are a number of Mortgage Insurers that Financial Institutions use and that the figure (although mirrored to one of them) will vary. It should further be noted that Mortgage Insurers will also provide different parameters to different Institutions according to the strength and size of their finance book.
  3. Deposit Funds Required This figure is determined according to the shortfall between the purchase price and your clients pre-approved home loan amount.
  4. Total of all other costs. These costs include some of the following: 1. legal costs, 2. Moving expenses, 3. other relevant costs and Financial Institutions costs (i.e. their legal fees, valuation and mortgage preparation fees.

After all the fields are completed the real estate cost to purchase calculator (estimator) will then combine the above costs and provide your clients with an estimate of funds required to purchase and settle on their next property purchase.

The Calculator also will provide you with what your expected regular Home Loan payment will be, and, the Total Principal and Interest paid back to the Financial Institution during the Period chosen.


Our Real Estate Cost to Purchase Calculator is serviced regularly ensuring that you provide your clients with up to date information. You need not do anything else after our link is placed on your Website as all changes are automatic.

The Real Estate Cost to Purchase Calculator is offered at an averaged affordable price of $11.00 per month. Or you can package and add this calculator to the Specials offered within our website!

There are 2 Payment Options available under our current Lease Agreement:

  1. Option 1: 6 monthly Payments
  2. Option 2: yearly Payments

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The information provided to you in the Real Estate Cost to Purchase Calculator does not constitute “personal advice” for any purpose. The Real Estate Cost to Purchase Calculator is provided to you as an information service only and it should not be relied upon as a substitute for financial, home loan or other professional advice. The information does not take the investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any particular person into account. It is not to be construed as financial advice or a recommendation of any financial products, including home loans. Before making an investment or home loan decision on the basis of the information provided by the Real Estate Cost to Purchase Calculator, you need to consider whether the information is appropriate in light of your particular investment or home loan needs. The Real Estate Cost to Purchase Calculator has been developed by AFC Online. AFC Online is responsible for maintaining and updating the Real Estate Cost to Purchase Calculator. For any further enquiries you can contact us directly and one of our customer care consultants will be more than happy to assist you.